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9 PM February 26, 2003

Deanne Barker points out that USA Today, like many other sites will soon be asking readers to answer a survey before getting access to articles.

I know these sites are just trying to make a buck, but I find the surveys annoying and intrusive, especially after I've answered the questions twice already that day.

As a defence to my sanity, I've developed a standard set of answers:

  • Gender: Male (or Female, whatever is easiest to type)
  • Year of Birth: 1932 (I can type that really quickly and it's only wrong by 65 years)
  • Country: Afghanistan (Always near the top of alphabetically ordered drop down lists)
  • Zip Code: If the site insists on me entering a 5 digit zip code, they always get the only zip code I know: 90210.
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