Honorable "fake" Surrender

11 PM April 8, 2003
Jacob wrote a piece "Honorable war?", in which he ponders:
[...] the "fake" surrender tactic is not new. Which makes me wonder whether all wars might not be dishonorable to some extent.

It's been observed plenty of times before that war brings out the best and worst in people, on all sides. On one hand men and women will put themselves in mortal danger for the greater good of others. On the other hand, men and women will take advantage of the situation - looting, corruption or manoeuvring and manipulating for personal gain.

The extremes of war provides a backdrop for stories of honour and dishonour play out again and again on both small and large scales. And we should acknowledge both: honour and be proud of our men and women who selflessly give of themselves and be ashamed of those who do the opposite.

One thing is worth considering: Are the Iraqi "fake" surrenderers heroes? For their country, they boldly place themselves in the line of fire against the world's largest and best equipped military force, with only a crude piece of trickery as a shield. How brave (or desperate) would you have to be to to come out of a perfectly good hiding place - weaponless - and drawing attention to yourself? Sure my buddies might be hiding nearby with their guns ready, but if I did it, it'd be the bravest thing I'd ever done, by a country mile.

These Iraqi's do use "unfair" deception, but the invading force has "unfair" technology.

War sure does suck.

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