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11 AM August 1, 2004

The new version of my bloging software, KangaPy is built with:

  • Cheetah – Python based templating system that used to build HTML output. It is somewhat akin to Velocity although, with Python-style expressions and some other nice features, Cheetah is easier to use.
  • SQLite – Lightweight embedded database.

The CherryPy version took about forty hours to put together, though much of the code – including the entire database layer – was recycled from the previous version, based on Twisted. The code base shrank, partly due to using HTML templates instead of putting it into the Python code, and partly because programming with Twisted’s deferreds is naturally verbose.

Since the end of April, the Twisted version of KangaPy has worked very nicely indeed. At one point it had served well over 250,000 hits on about 150 minutes of CPU time – not bad for my first Python web application, and a testament to Twisted’s inate robustness. I certainly hope CherryPy performs similarly.

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