Excuse Me While I Go All Cynical

11 PM August 2, 2004

Fifteen years ago, it seemed that every second software salesman was trying to tell me that their product was going to make programmer’s lives so easy, they wouldn’t even have to be programmers anymore. Fortunately, with the fall of 4GLs and the rise of OO, there came a welcome easing of the “end-of-programming-as-we-know-it” sighting rate.

Now it seems to be on the up again. From the Jetson brochureware site:

Jetson reduces the most difficult and tedious aspects of J2EE development to simple tasks that even non-Java developers can perform…

Excuse me while I go all cynical; I cannot work up even a flicker of open mindedness about this. It would be brilliant if Jetson really did enable non-Java developers to thread their way through J2EE’s thick wads of standards, interesting vendor implementation decisions, and best-practice-whoops-no-thats-an-anti-pattern techniques, but it’s ice cubes against a volcano.

But wait! What is this? No! Maybe – just maybe – Jetson have a secret weapon. They say:

Jetson is the first of a new breed of J2EE Development Tools… [emph mine]

That’s right! They’ve been breeding tools. Jetson is the very first of the genetically engineered development tools! I wonder how they made it? A mutant hybrid of Rose, JBuilder and Subversion? Igor! Bring me the CASE tools!

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Voiceover IT

12 AM August 2, 2004

A friend forwarded me this job ad:

  • $$$$$$TOP$$$$$$
  • Start Immediately......!
  • Looking for Career Progression......!


Hmmmm... I've always wanted a voiceover position, but I just don't have the right timbre.

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