Evergreening Pharmaceuticals

8 PM August 5, 2004

I’ve been following the trials and tribulations of the Free Trade Agreement, and was wondering exactly what “evergreening” means. I found this defintion, through the cunning strategy of typing “evergreening” into my shiny new Google search bar:

One form of evergreening occurs when the originator manufacturer “stockpiles” patent protection by obtaining separate 20-year patents on multiple attributes of a single product. But many other evergreening strategies exist…

- The European Generic medicines Association

Apparently, in the U.S. – and in Australia, after we “harmonize” our patent laws – a company can take out separate patents on 18 different aspects of a single medication. The result is a legal tangle that makes manufacture of generic medicines risky and expensive.

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Abuse of Australians at Guantanomo

11 AM August 5, 2004

Three British citizens, recently released from Guantanomo Bay have made serious accusations concerning the treatment of themselves at other prisoners during their imprisonment. Alexander Downer, Australia’s foreign minister responded (from the August 5 ABC video news):

These three people, who have made these allegations, who have been in Guantanamo Bay, wouldn’t – on the face of it – be regarded as objective observers. So we’ll just have to wait and see whether they’re pushing a political line or whether there’s any substance to these allegations.

There’s an abbreviated version of the quote in this story.

I’d have to agree with Mr Downer, these are people who could well have an agenda to push. However, in the absence of any credible, objective observer at Guantanamo Bay, or any credible reason as to why objective observers have not been allowed into Guantanamo Bay, and armfuls of credible, objective observations from Abu Ghraib, what are we supposed to believe?

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Melbourne, Here I Come

4 AM August 5, 2004

I’ll be in Melbourne next week. Anybody fancy getting together on Monday night for a quiet red cordial? Leave a comment, or email me: alan dot green at cardboard dot nu.

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