Puzzle Type Addresses

12 AM August 20, 2004

From Australia Post's Correct Addressing Standards document:

Incorrect addressing

It is the sender's responsibility to supply a correct postal address for delivery. Australia Post does not deliver articles:

  • that bear puzzle-type addresses
  • ...

I sure would like to see the letter that caused the Australia Post to make up that rule.

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At 22:10, 23 Aug 2004 Lyn wrote:

Try asking your wife for Annette's new address.

At 23:20, 24 Aug 2004 Alan Green wrote:

Good point, Mum.

At 02:02, 27 Aug 2004 Casey wrote:

I have, I admit, sent letters that bear "puzzle-type addresses".

Sometimes, it is because I don't have the full information of the recipient. For instance, "The Big Pink House, St John's Road, Glebe" (that one got there), and "J Bloggs, Suburb, State, email address" (plus an apology to the post office - it also arrived).

Most recently, I confess to perpetrating something worse. I sent five letters, from five locations, with either an email address, a landline phone number, a mobile number, or some combination of these. The return address was similarly written. None of these arrived.


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