If I Could Add One Thing To Java

2 AM August 25, 2004

If I could add one thing to Java, it would be to add first() and last() methods to the List interface. I know it's not going to happen, for all kinds of good backward compatability reasons, but it sure would make some of my code easier to read.

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Peter Costello Will Still Lock Up Children

1 AM August 25, 2004

Update: On re-reading the interview transscript, I made a slight correction to this post, marked below ( added text and deleted text.)

Peter Costello is widely reported as differing from the official government line over the detention of children.

This is a crock. Peter Costello is 100% on board with current government policy.

The media’s reports all seem to be based on an AAP report of a few soundbites from the ABC Radio National’s Counterpoint. The transcript should be available in a few hours, and it’s also worth listening to the interview – Peter Costello sets forth his point of view sincerely and intelligently. Audio of the August 23rd intervew is accessible from the Counterpoint home page for the next three and a half weeks.

What Mr Costello said was that he looks forward to a time when no children are in detention. However, he proposes to achieve this by continuing with the government’s policy of discouraging refugees from coming to Australia under their own steam, and by no other means. He also plans to continue the government’s current practice of placing some (but not all) families in the community near to detention centres. Mr Costello was not signalling a change in direction, merely wringing his hands in regret.

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