Uche: SOAP is still not XML

10 PM August 27, 2004

Uche Ogbuji, Python and XML expert, observes:

I’m surprised at how little I’ve had to worry about SOAP… In several cases where [Web Services] “end points” have been suggested, ... my suggestions of a REST-like alternative are embraced…

I found myself in a similar situation just yesterday. A client was wondering how best to structure a web service request and response, given that the response contains several large images and text to be printed on a page. After a short discussion, we agreed on a standard HTTP POST instead, with the POST returning a pre-formatted PDF file.

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Children Over-Bored?

9 PM August 27, 2004

Amidst further evidence, that he lied the people he had been elected to serve, Mr Howard observes:

“I think the public is bored, bored to death with this issue.”

I’m not bored, I’m angry. “Children overboard” shows that Mr Howard is either incompetent or lying. Rather than resign, he is doing and saying whatever he thinks has the best chance of keeping him in office, and that disgusts me.

The latest tactics seem to be to give the media something to write about, and hope that in the ensuing dearth of information they will go away. Then, in three or four weeks, with children overboard well off the radar, Mr Howard can announce the election.

Update: Well I got that wrong. Mr Howard has called an election for October 9, and will also allow two days for the senate inquiry.

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gmail Invites

5 AM August 27, 2004

Gmail invites are getting really cheap on eBay – down to about 0.40USD from around 5.00USD a few weeks ago. I finally got rid of my six invites yesterday, and today I have six more. Leave a comment if you want one.

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