Hating John Howard

11 PM September 8, 2004

I keep coming across the meme, expressed as question, “Why do people hate John Howard so much?” It’s a loaded question, but one worth pondering. Indeed, one reason we voted for the Liberal party in ‘96 was that, in contrast to Paul Keating, John Howard didn’t inspire strong feelings. What could he possibly be doing to inspire such an adverse emotional reaction from so many people?

If you want to know the answer to that question I suggest that you read this letter by farmer Sue Bradford to her local MP, published by Margo Kingston. It’s much, much better reading than the ALP‘s facile 27 Lies pamphlet.

PS: Just for the record, I don’t hate John Howard, but I do think the consistent disrespect he has shown the Australian people warrants voting him out of office. It also warrants giving the Liberal party at least three years “in the political wilderness” to effect some serious internal change.

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At 05:32, 09 Sep 2004 Sean Malloy wrote:

I've always figured him for a weasel.

I grew up in Canberra, and some of my parents friends move din the political circles. There are rumours that you hear about many of the politicians... The recurring theme with John Howard is that he [-- Alan deleted this text --].

I just wish there were politicians we could actually look up to. Most are tarred with the same brush, and offer very little to inspire anyone to tick their box. Its a sad state.

At 06:02, 09 Sep 2004 Alan Green wrote:

Sean: sorry I deleted a bit of your comment. There's quite a bit of scurrilous rumour floating around, and any number of forums for it. Meanwhile, let's keep the level of conversation to something that won't get you and me sued :)

At 13:19, 09 Sep 2004 Sean Malloy wrote:


after I posted it a little voice said to me "You shouldn't have posted that, Google will catalog it forever and your name is attached to it"

so yeah, I was going to email you and ask for you to mod it, so thanks :)

At 01:20, 15 Apr 2007 casper wrote:

What about 200 years in the political wilderness, it will take that time to fix up the damage caused!


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