A Dutch Conspiracy

11 PM September 18, 2004

My evil twin, Nala Neerg, was created in a freak teleporter accident during an audition for “redshirt #19” in “Star Trek Down Under: Throw Another Shrimp on The Barbie.” I’m telling you, when the beam up starts, you better not be holding a burrito. Anyway, it turns out that Nala is a Right Wing Death Blogger, and since I haven’t written for a while, Nala offers this piece for your enjoyment and edification. Over to you, Nala.

We all trust John Howard. Honest John always does the right thing, so he couldn’t possibly be campaigning on trust if we didn’t trust him. And when his ministers say they’re going to chase down James Hardie, we know they’re doing it, because we trust John, and John trusts them.

So why would the Netherland’s government lie to the unions about meeting with the Australian government? The ABC reports:

“The Netherlands Government is quite adamant in telling us there’s been no approach from the Federal Government of Australia in relation to James Hardie on this issue,” he said.

Obviously, this is a plot by the Netherland’s government to overthrow the Federal Australian Liberal party. I mean, Phillip Ruddock has been all over this James Hardie thing since July, and it’s not like this is a low priority issue, so how could they deny it?

It’s time to hold the Dutch government accountable for their lies.

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At 12:54, 21 Sep 2004 Barre Dijkstra wrote:

As a dutch resident, you may hold our goverment accountable for alot of things, but what's this thing we should pray for redemption for?
I totally mised this part probably latest scandal probably when I was on vacation.


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