Two Stories. Compare and Contrast.

8 AM September 19, 2004

I first wrote this as a comment on Keith’s weblog. After a day it’s still on my mind, so here it is, for all to see.

I recently read this story from Mike, followed by this story via Keith.

Both Keith and Mike are telling a story of a little girl suffering an undeniable injustice, and both stories provoked sympathetic responses from me. Further, both are using the story to support their weblogs’ overarching narrative – Keith of the unreasonableness of John Kerry and his supporters, Mike of the unreasonableness of the current war in Iraq.

But the contrast between the stories is what blew me away. In Keith’s story the girl ends up in tears, while in Mike’s story the little girl ends up in a coffin. On one hand, having your daughter’s property destroyed, and on the other having your daughter destroyed.

I still can’t respond emotionally to both stories at the same time, and “it’s doing me head in”.

(PS: It looks like the story about little girl having her sign torn up is a fake. If it is, count me angry at being manipulated.)

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