Kirribilli Job Snob

12 AM October 3, 2004

Chris Sheil at Back Pages is doing some quality blogging on the Aussie election. His latest post on the polls generated a good deal of discussion (53 comments and counting.) Buried in the middle of it was this little nugget from Chris himself:

I don’t think I necessarily disagree with anyone, but the Lodge/Kirribili thing really gets on my wick. I thought it wrong that the pm didn’t live in Canberra at the outset. I let it slide. But then, when I heard Jack back from his early US trip talking about ‘job snobs’ – unemployed folk who wouldn’t go to where the jobs were – and I remembered the size of his own public Kiribili subsidy, I went spare, and have never recovered. Get the goddamned hypocritical lying bum outta there.

Come to think of it, I haven’t heard much talk of “mutual responsibility” lately.

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