Things I Did Yesterday

12 AM October 7, 2004

Yesterday was somewhat unusual. Here’s some things I did:

  • Got up at 4:15am. Not happy, Jan.
  • Almost had a nose-to-tail accident in the airport tunnel. My taxi driver left big black marks on the road, but the car right in front of us pulled off to the side of the road, and we missed the car in front of that by a good metre and a half. Early morning heart starter.
  • Flew to Melbourne and back on Virgin Blue. Uneventful.
  • Spent $340.00 on taxis. Unbelieveable.
  • Delivered the next iteration of our system to our client. Big smiles all ‘round. A relief.
  • Had lunch in the park: 24 degrees, no clouds, no wind. Lovely.
  • Went to half a Catholic mass – the cathedral being right next to the park. It provided some time for quiet prayer, and the service was sort-of familiar, but I felt the outsider I was. Interesting.
  • Had my own personal sunset at Melbourne airport. When I plopped down in the comfy chair next to gate 10, the sun had just kissed the horizon, big and orange. It slid gracefully downwards as 737s leapt off the tarmac, and dimmed enough that I could watch the final sliver of light disappear behind the mountains. Spectacular.
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