How I'm Voting

5 AM October 8, 2004

Here is how I will be voting tomorrow:

  • 1. Greens
  • 2. Labor
  • 3 – 85. All the rest, even the crackpots.
  • 86. Liberal

I firmly believe that the Libs have trashed our democratic processes and traditions for long enough. Australia has committed an unjustifiable violence against Iraq, and John Howard is the man who put Australia there. That he did it without without any real public discussion, and that he didn’t seek the authorisation of parliament was the second-to-last straw for me. The last straw was lying about the strength of the case for war. The way I figure it, if we vote lying politicians out for long enough, we’ll eventually end up with representatives that are more anxious to tell the truth than to get a good sound bite.

Labor’s policies seem to be rooted in reality, and if they get in, Australia will be more relaxed and comfortable. The last Labor PM we had was responsible for floating the dollar and deregulating all kinds of markets, and Latham doesn’t talk like a commuist. The economy will do fine.

Some have made a lot of Latham’s inexperience, but I don’t think it’s a big deal. He’s capable and has as much experience at being PM as John Howard had in 1996.

I agree with some Greens policies, and I disagree violently with others – being fairly socially conservative – but the Greens get my first preference for giving a voice to a segment of the population that has been ignored for quite some time, and Australia could use a third voice.

I’ll also be numbering every box on the Senate tablecloth, so I can make sure who will be last.

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