I Agree With John Howard

1 PM October 13, 2004

I almost fell off my chair. I agree with something John Howard said:

… There was divided opinion in Australia on whether or not we should have gone into Iraq.

Wow. John Howard admits that the decision to go to Iraq wasn’t unanimous amongst the voters. That’s almost showing humility. It’s almost an apology for dismissing the quarter million anti-war protesters out of hand. Not that it matters; nobody will be judging Howard over his decision to send the troops to Iraq until decade 200x is part of a modern history curriculum.

I digress. Our PM continued the interview:

But the overwhelming majority of Australians believe very strongly that having gone there, we should stay and finish the job. They rejected the notion of the premature withdrawal of our forces until their job has been completed.

And again I agree.

On second thoughts, perhaps “help fix the mess we made” would be more accurate than “finish the job,” because the job was to take away Iraq’s WMDs. However, I’m glad to see our troops in there doing good, whatever the rationalisation.

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At 22:29, 13 Oct 2004 Sean Malloy wrote:

"That's almost showing humility. It's almost an apology"

And we know John apologises to NO ONE. So for him to say something like that. Well, its very big of him don't you think? </sarcasm>


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