Calling Dr Who

10 PM November 1, 2004

For all you Dr Who fans out there, I recommend Raindancer’s theme song cover, Calling Dr Who. It’s a eurodance track with 16 beats to the bar, and they’ve set lyrics to the melody. It works well enough that I can’t get the song out of my head.

(A very slow Download page)

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At 00:25, 02 Nov 2004 Chris Gentle wrote:

I'll have to take a look when I get home. Does it better KLF's (The Timelords') "Doctorin' the Tardis" and Orbital's "Doctor"?

"What's all these knobs?"

"What, these? Instruments! For controlling our flight!"


"Yes! You see we travel in here in time and space."

"Ha ha ha ha"

"Don't laugh. It's Trooooooooooooooo"

At 15:05, 02 Apr 2005 Nick Myer ( Aka, Vlove, Aka, Dr.SpaceNik) wrote:
 The free download link below is a song called THE PLANET that includes the sound of the TARDIS and some darlek-like vocals in parts. There's an Important message in this song.. " save the earth in time", which isn't entirely fiction... So, lets save the earth and Dr.Who from extinction! 
"THe PLANet" is here:

At 15:17, 04 May 2007 Johnstone wrote:

I can't download it


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