O'Reilly and Stock Art

8 AM November 7, 2004

O’Reilly’s Head First Design Patterns features cute-girl-in-a-tank-top. Turns out that it’s a stock photo that has already been used on the Vagisil Teen Center web site.

Since we call O’Reilly’s Perl book, “The Camel Book,” I suppose that makes this one, “The Vagisil Chick” book.

(via Joe)

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At 17:54, 07 Nov 2004 Paul wrote:

Long ago forgot the article link, it was in the last year though - that Gateway and Dell were both advertising machines on their front pages using the exact same stock-art photo. Pretty hysterical stuff - and both changed their pages in short order.

At 18:23, 07 Nov 2004 Doug wrote:

Paul: the articles about the Dell/Gateway lass were in the Inquirer. The first one was
but there were many more sightings after that:
for instance.

The Inquirer had so much fun with it, they licensed the photo for their own use:


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