More Advice to Democratic Bloggers

11 PM November 8, 2004

Joe posted Some Quick Advice to Democratic Bloggers, to which I would add:

  • IF Ohio was rigged, Kerry would have been presiding over a hostile senate and a hostile house of representatives – not exactly a tenable position. Be careful what you wish for.
  • The fact that the conspiracy theory can get this far shows up some serious deficiencies in the accountability and transparency of the vote casting and counting process. That’s the thing to attack. But wait a few months until some of the heat generated by the election dissipates.
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At 01:07, 09 Nov 2004 Ian Bicking wrote:

Some of us would enjoy a division between the legislature and the executive branches; it means less gets done, and sometimes less is more.

But then I'm not a Democrat, so I guess the advise isn't for me ;)


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