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11 PM November 14, 2004

I continue to rave about IBM's Eclipse based IDE, WSAD.

Here are the shortcut keys I use most. One of the big tricks with WSAD/Eclipse is learning the shortcut keys, because they don't appear in the right-click menu. Most I've learnt by inspecting the menubar, others from the documentation, but many have come by watching over the shoulder of my colleagues. Here are the ones I use the most.

Ctrl+Shift+OOrganise Imports
Ctrl+Shift+MImport type under cursor
Ctrl+Shift+FFormat Code
F3Open declaration
F4Open hierarchy
Ctrl+Shift+GShow all references
Ctrl+Shift+UShow references in this file
Ctrl+QGoto last modified editor position
Alt+Left,Alt+RightGoto prev/next editor position in history
Alt+Shift+MExtract Method
Alt+Shift+RRename method/variable
Ctrl+LGoto Line number
Ctrl+OPop-up Outline
Ctrl+SpaceComplete whatever you're typing.

(These all work from the Java perspective, and some work in other perspectives too.)

So, what shortcut keys do you use? Have I missed any of your favourites?

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At 02:30, 15 Nov 2004 RodeoClown wrote:

Ctrl-Shift 'T' - Open Type
Ctrl-Shift 'R' - Open Resource

both of these are pretty much essential when working on a large project.

At 02:37, 15 Nov 2004 Adam Fitzpatrick wrote:

Ctrl-F11: re-run last launched [insert noun here; the relevant menu item in the Run menu suggests the Eclipse developers don't know what to call them either].

Ctrl-1: miscellaneous fixes and suggestions. I tend to use the local rename for local variables and private methods rather Alt-Shift-R, because it's just plain quicker, and doesn't bring up that annoying "well are you going to save those files or what?" dialog.

RodeoClown has already mentioned Ctrl-Shift-R and Ctrl-Shift-T. I can't overstate how much of an improvement it was to discover those over clumsily navigating through the Package Explorer to find a class, especially when I can't remember exactly which package it's in.

At 16:24, 15 Nov 2004 Dean wrote:

Ctrl-F6 - Pops up a list of all the files you have open.

Useful for those times when you're working on so many files that only the first 4-5 characters of the filename shows up in the editor tabs. :-)

At 02:54, 16 Nov 2004 Petros wrote:

Navigating to Matching braces:

At 21:20, 17 Nov 2004 Mark Ziebell wrote:

Well not WSAD, but in Eclipse 3 the Open Call Hierarchy Ctrl-Alt-H (not sure if that works with the ver 2 plugin)

At 18:13, 12 Jan 2005 Stig wrote:

Navigating to Matching braces

At 10:12, 27 Jan 2005 Ben Staniford wrote:

Alt-down - Move a line down
Alt-up - Move a line up
Ctrl-Alt-down - Dupe line down
Ctrl-Alt-up - Dupe line up
Ctrl-shift-down - Goto next method (when you're on a method declaration line)

At 10:14, 27 Jan 2005 Ben Staniford wrote:

Ctrl-J - Incremental search
Ctrl-shift-J - Backward Incremental Search

At 09:01, 20 May 2005 Srinivas N wrote:

Changing Case or letters

ctrl+shift+y - LowerCase letter
ctrl+shift+x - Uppercase

At 08:14, 30 Jun 2005 Sanjay Varma wrote:

Ctrl+K - Recursive search

At 06:05, 05 Sep 2005 Srinivas N wrote:

Ctrl+Shift+K BackWard Recursive search

At 07:35, 25 Oct 2005 Charles S. wrote:

CTRL+/ - Comment/remove comment the selected line/s with "//" tag.
CTRL+Shift+/ - Comment the selected line/s with "/*" and "*/" tags.
CTRL+Shift+\ - Remove comment tags "/*" and "*/".

At 07:17, 23 Feb 2006 Rajmohan wrote:
 ctrl+shift+L in eclipse editor will open up the short cut key Assist window.. where u can see all the short cuts
At 07:19, 23 Feb 2006 Rajmohan wrote:
 ctrl+shift+L in eclipse editor will open up the short cut key Assist window.. where u can see all the short cuts
At 09:23, 06 Nov 2006 Aravind wrote:

ctrl+shift+w -> close all editor windows :)

I don't know in wsad, but on eclipse this works.


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