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8 AM November 18, 2004

Chris Sheil, writer of Back Pages has stopped blogging, at least while he finishes his book. Back Pages has hosted lots of good arguments in the blog comments, but – (cue music: lone trumpeter playing The Last Post_) Chris’s last post ends with an empty comments section and nowhere to enter a comment. It’s kind of sad.

I’d only been reading Back Pages for a few months, but in that time I found many of Chris’s posts and ensuing comments thought provoking. In particular:

  • The Fear, loathing, etc series analysing the polls in the lead up to the recent Australian federal election.

Thanks Chris! You’ve left your mark on the way I think about the world.

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At 11:24, 18 Nov 2004 Keith Pitty wrote:

Yes, Chris definitely made a (writer pauses and thinks for next word, finds himself mentally editing before writing!) contribution to the blogosphere that was a breath of fresh air.

Maybe he does follow his own advice and edit very well, but I think a large part of BP's success has been Chris's humanity and engaging writing style.


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