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1 AM November 26, 2004

The C2 Wiki on the topic of POJOs:

Fowler et al invented the acronym POJO so that such objects would have a “fancy name”, thereby convincing people that they were worthy of use.

I don’t know why that amuses me. But it does amuse me. Muchly amuses me.

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At 03:37, 26 Nov 2004 Charles Miller wrote:

Every time I think a little too hard about POJOs, I end up with the Hoodoo Gurus in my head, singing "POJO never made it to Darwin".

At 10:07, 26 Nov 2004 Not so anonymous wrote:

Could it be because like XP, POJO also re-packages old ideas with a cute name?

At 12:21, 26 Nov 2004 David Pinn wrote:

And this from a man who uses words like 'blogosphere'.


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