OSDC day one

12 PM December 1, 2004

It was well worth coming to OSDC just on the strength of this first day.

We started with a keynote from Damian Conway on the upcoming Perl 6. There will be some neat things in Perl 6 – multiple dispatch, the ability to temporarily give objects new roles and some of the matching look intriguing – but overall, I’m very happy to be coding Python instead of Perl.

Shortly after, Anthony Baxter spoke on being the past, present and future of Python, from the release manager’s point of view. Python is striking a balance between being completely stable and adding new features that I find appropriate. (That said, one of my fellow attendees still has clients on Python 1.5.2, and is finding it a little difficult now to write programs that span from that to Python 2.4 :)

Richard Jones spoke on the features of Roundup. I think I might explore Roundup customisation a little more.

Nigel McFarlane on XUL was also a standout session. This is something I will look into, as it may come in handy at work over the next few months.

Con Zymaris’ keynote after dinner was all about the how and why of open sourcing in-house, bespoke and product development. Something to show my managers – not that they need a lot of convincing.

My own session, on using CherryPy, Cheetah and SQLObject seemed to go over fairly well, so all the preparation was worthwhile. Most of the questions were about SQLObject – there is definitely interest in Python O-R mappers.

At dinner I spoke with Chris Armstrong about greenlets, which allow Twisted code to be written in a more sane less insane manner. If greenlets make it into the main Twisted distribution, I think a lot more people will be tempted to try Twisted.

There was no Internet access for attendees, which prompted someone – not me – to pronounce:

I find it ironic that my first completely Internet free day in two years was at the Open Source Developer’s Conference.


And tomorrow… tomorrow I’m off to my client site to install the final release of the first project. So if I finish early I head over to catch the final sessions of OSDC day 2 in a suit and tie.

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At 13:55, 01 Dec 2004 Simon Brunning wrote:

A suit and tie, in Sydney, at this time of year? Isn't there something in the Geneva Convention about that?

At 14:12, 01 Dec 2004 David Pinn wrote:

Well, he's in Melbourne, but I'm not sure if that makes a suit more or less appropriate. Sounds like a pig in mud.

Glad to hear that your talk went well, Alan. Dude, we've got a hot product and all that remains is for the client to recognise it. Go, you good thing, go.

At 23:46, 01 Dec 2004 Andy Todd wrote:

Some of us are well attired in Sydney all year round Simon. Even in the rather extreme forty degrees or so we had yesterday.

At 00:52, 27 Dec 2004 Denise Gitchell wrote:

Hello! I was just goofing around on my Computer-Wanna-Be here,a Web-TV.Alan! Are you the same Alan Green that used to live in Beavertown,PA? I KNOW it's a dumb-azz question,but,my youngest daughter,Holli,now aged 23 often asks "What ever happened to Mr.Green?" I think she sent you some sort of holiday card WAAAY back when.I,now have 5 GRANDKIDS.And the 2 eldest keep nagging me,"Gramma! When are you gonna get a grown up REAL computer?" If,perchance you are NOT the Alan Green who used to live in PA.,I apologize for my drivel!!! Denise

At 01:02, 27 Dec 2004 Denise Gitchell wrote:

p.s.How IS the general weather in Austrailia? My Moms' minister is moving there.We are in Upstate NY,and we are freezing our bums off from mid-Sept,thru about mid-June.
BTW,I live just blocks from where Rod Serling grew up,am walking distance from the park where he carved his initials on the merry-go-round.Rod often mentioned Binghamton,NY on "T.Z."episodes,also the name "Helen Foley" in the episodes,as well as the "T.Z." movie.She was his favorite teacher,and mentor.She recently passed,and also one of my step-dads' friends was interviewed for a bio on Rod.They all thru school together,as well in the war.


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