Mid-life begins in January

2 AM December 10, 2004

I think I’ll start my mid-life crisis in January. You see, I’m 35 so any time now is fine, and these things are best done early. January is good because Christmas will be out of the way, and the year doesn’t really begin until February, when the boys go back to school and everything else starts up again.

So what should it be? A fast toy like a motorcycle, a speedboat, or a rally car? I’ve always wanted to get a glider license. And then there’s the drop-out route – retire to “Nimbin” and become a grass farmer? Some people wuss out and just have a slight change of career, but I reckon joining the fire brigade, would be a respectably sized kind of mid-life crisis.

Hmmmm. So much choice.

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At 07:09, 10 Dec 2004 Andy Todd wrote:

Young man, everyone knows that any self respecting mid life crisis doesn't start until at least 40. And then you'd better go big, may I suggest a two seater sports car? Ever so practical with a family ;-)

At 11:38, 10 Dec 2004 Keith Pitty wrote:

You could always buy an iBook and an iPod to go with it. Seriously though, I agree with Andy; 35 is way too young.

At 12:44, 10 Dec 2004 Andrew Reid wrote:

Well....I understand there's this heavy metal band in the US that needs a new guitarist.


At 20:25, 13 Dec 2004 Cameron wrote:

Don't let them disuade you .. I had my MLC in my 20s, and have a motorcycle, a sailboat and a convertible to show for it ;-)


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