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11 PM February 21, 2005

My new weblog, “nocommas” is up and going at nocommas.blogspot.com. Nocommas is my platform for raving about how neat my children are and ranting about politics.

Cardboard.nu will continue to accrete technical content at the rate of a few posts per month.

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At 01:08, 22 Feb 2005 your real name wrote:

I'm sure it will be as relevant on javablogs as this entry. :)

At 03:16, 22 Feb 2005 Jed Wesley-Smith wrote:

didn't you trust your own blogware to handle your children?

At 13:32, 22 Feb 2005 Not a Child of the Web wrote:

Wot? No anonymous comment on the new site?

Your new title reminds me a livejournal community called disbeliefism. When I checked I found an eerie coincidence in a recent entry:


At 12:34, 23 Feb 2005 Alan Green wrote:


You can always sign up to blogger with a pseudonym of your choice.



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