Jeff Croft: Django for non programmers

1 AM May 8, 2006

Jeff Croft reckons that Django, a Python web application framework, has a niche with web designers who aren’t nescessarily programmers.

(via GvR.)

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At 04:09, 15 May 2006 Andy Todd wrote:

Although it's interesting to note that this self proclaimed web designer can't build pages that render properly in Safari. Woops.

At 16:24, 23 Jun 2006 Jeff Croft wrote:

Huh? I use Safari myself. It's my main browser. Not sure what rendering bug you're seeing, but it looks fine to me.

How about, if you have an issue with my site, you report a bug to me, rather than being a dick on someone else's site? Just a thought.

At 02:21, 24 Jun 2006 Andy Todd wrote:

I stand corrected. The page, whilst being full of useful information, is now rendering perfectly in Safari.


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