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1 AM May 20, 2006

If you can read this, you’re seeing my new web host.

I’ve just moved over to a VPS, hosted at RapidVPS, because I wanted the flexibility to run multiple server processes, and to be able to reconfigure the environment – the firewall, Apache and so forth – at will.

Many thanks to my previous hosting company, python-hosting.com for many years of great service.

By the way, if you’d like to move to open an account at RapidVPS, and you feel like being nice to me, let me know, and I’ll send you a referral email.

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At 04:23, 20 May 2006 Keith Pitty wrote:

So I see you have made the move, Alan. I'll be interested to hear how it goes.

At 11:07, 21 May 2006 Andy Todd wrote:

Ooh, hardcore. I make do with shared hosting myself. I like to think that I'm a man of modest needs ;-)

At 11:14, 21 May 2006 Andy Todd wrote:

Oh, and what made you choose this particular service provider?

At 11:38, 21 May 2006 Alan Green wrote:

Andy: Part of it was the price (9.95USD/month - payable monthly - w00t), but more than that, their website and forums gave me the feeling that their systems are stable and support is competent. So far, so good. I suppose I should write a bit more some time, particularly since I begged for referrals.


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