Welcome aboard, Tim!

2 AM July 25, 2006

Looks like Tim Bray is jumping on board the dynamic language train:

For people like me, who are proficient in Perl and Java, Ruby is remarkably, perhaps irresistibly, attractive. Over the last week I’ve got an unreasonable amount of work done in a ridiculously short period of time, with lots of interruptions, in a language I previously didn’t know. It’s intuitive enough that I’ve often found myself guessing at a syntax or a method or a usage and getting it right first time.

Welcome aboard, Tim! As for myself, I’m besotted with Python – for almost all the same reasons Tim loves Ruby. Perhaps that’s because I never had the pleasure of learning Perl first.

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At 23:10, 25 Jul 2006 Richard wrote:

Liking Ruby is probably not related to whether you *learnt* Perl (I did), but more whether you *put up with using it* (I didn't :)

At 03:29, 26 Jul 2006 Alan Green wrote:

As in, "If you can put up with Perl, you'll just love Ruby!" ?

At 10:36, 26 Jul 2006 Andy Todd wrote:

David Heinemeier Hansson, describing why he used Ruby for Rails described it as "Perl done properly" - or something similar, I can't see to find an online reference.

Tim has some interesting points in his post, but there still isn't anything (Rails included) that will part me from Python.


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