Fantasy Slapdown: DHH vs Gavin King

10 AM September 12, 2006

Keith just had another brilliant thought. Pondering Rails and Seam, he writes, “I’d love to hear a debate between [ David Heinemeier Hansson and Gavin King ], moderated of course by a calm neutral third party!”

Me too! And yes, we will need a calm, neutral, third party. I propose the following ground-rules:

  1. DHH shall wear Ruby red tights, and a hat that’s blue at the top, fading to white at the bottom. (Just like the 37signals web page.)
  2. Gavin King shall wear white and blue tights and a Red Hat.
  3. The debate shall take the form of a pilot episode for a totally unique TV series Open Source Gurus in war, with DHH and Gavin King competing in a series of contests to win the right to make design decisions for a new web framework.
  4. Only weapons featured in two or more episodes of Monkey are allowed. (Guns would be dangerous!)
  5. DHH and Gavin shall be allowed one tag team partner each. DHH gets to bring Why. Gavin gets to bring Marc Fleury.

I’d be surprised if they made it past the first question, “Should web frameworks support composite foreign keys?”, but it ought to make great TV.

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