Google Code Search, Cardboard Edition

8 PM October 8, 2006

Google code search found Cardboard Schedule, which is tucked away in a zip file in the downloads section of my site. Neat. (via Ned Batchelder, who points to Jason Kottke’s list of Google code search hacks.)

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At 23:22, 08 Oct 2006 AndrewR wrote:

Seeing in the file list shouldn't have made me laugh, but it did.

At 00:02, 09 Oct 2006 Charles Miller wrote:

Our sysadmin found a neat one: use regular expressions to find people who got the arguments to memset() the wrong way around, and instead of zeroing 'n' bytes of memory, end up 'n'-ing zero bytes of memory.

(I wasn't allowed to paste the URL. Maybe just pasting the regex will work)

Search for: memset\s*\(.+,\s*0\s*\)

At 01:21, 09 Oct 2006 Alan Green wrote:

Yeah. Donkeys are funny.


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