Eon Challenge

11 PM October 9, 2006

The CGSociety is holding the EON Challenge, a CG art competition revolving around Greg Bear’s novel, EON. Can hardly wait to see the results! (via Malcolm)

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More Muhahahaha

8 PM October 9, 2006

Inspired by today’s Daily WTF, here’s the Google search for evil genius code. That search led me to a file named LargeCollectionOfVirusSources_virus00.zip, which seems to show that virus authors comment their code quite well. Digg ing a little on the archive’s site, I found a neat page of hacking tutorials.

In other news, Andy pointed me in the direction of Oracle to_char conversions, a great source of Daily WTF candidates, including this:

select /*+ use_nl(w,s) */
 ... a whole bunch of stuff ...
 from v$session_wait w,v$session s
where w.sid = s.sid and (to_char(w.sid) = '0' or '0' = '0')

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