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11 AM October 22, 2006

I had a look at the Google Maps Javascript API. It put me in mind of the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade’s active incident display – recently developed by my colleague, Chris – so I wrote a quick Python script to scrape the MFB‘s page and jammed the data onto Google Maps.

I ended up with this prototype.

I’ll show the MFB, but I’m not sure that Google Maps is entirely appropriate for them, since Google reserve the right to show advertising on their maps.

PS: There are often quiet times with no incidents. If you aren’t seeing any, try again in 20 mintures.

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At 06:53, 23 Oct 2006 Mark Rees wrote:

Cool. The google maps version seems to make the incident view more real. Funny how the brain works.

At 23:25, 30 Oct 2006 Neville Harrison wrote:

Very nice Alan! Now I can go and watch the BRTs arrive.


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