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1 AM February 28, 2007

I needed to split a PDF file in a hurry so that I could mail it this morning. A bit of ratting through synaptic yielded pdftk, a command-line tool for basic operations on PDF files. It worked first time. Hurrah!

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At 04:01, 28 Feb 2007 Chris wrote:

I discovered pdftk for the first time about three weeks ago. Painless concatenation of PDFs and messing with page headers. I second your bestowing of "rocks" status.

At 05:30, 28 Feb 2007 Andy Todd wrote:

Have you been neglecting your Mac and dabbling in the mighty Debian?

Well done, well done for that.

At 12:55, 22 Jun 2007 Bert Heymans wrote:

If you ever want to do the opposite you might like JoinPDF ( http://www.iis.ee.ic.ac.uk/~g.briscoe/joinPDF/ ), it's free and properly platform independent.

There's an other solution with gs but that makes a pdf out of images of printed pages, it's heavy and the text information is lost.

Lovely site and blog Alan, thanks for all the valuable information!


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