12 PM August 13, 2007

A big hello to everyone out there still subscribed. I’m feeling the need to blog again.

The main reason for the big silence this year is that my new job. I started at Google in January, and they’ve kept my brain full to the brim. By the time I get home, all I’ve been wanting to do is read a book or play Wii. I’m most of the way through Iain M Bank’s science fiction works, and somewhere past halfway through Twilight Princess.

Anyway, to get back in the swing of blogging, I’m planning to write a post a day for the next week. See you tomorrow :)

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At 04:25, 16 Aug 2007 Andy Todd wrote:

And which is your favourite of the 'M' books?

And will you be working through the 'Iain Banks' books next? Because there are a couple of corkers in that group.


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